Welcome to Croatia, the #1 destination festival destination in Europe. From divine beaches and dazzling blue waters, to gloriously diverse scenic backdrops, it’s no wonder that the music festival scene has been expanding every year, with many music fans flocking to the country for its superb mix of music and holiday memories. Its beaches, old beach towns with quite a history, local food and festival artists selection make it a perfect destination for summer holidays.

Pag is the second longest island in the Adriatic; it covers an area of 110 square miles (284.6 square km) and is 37 miles (63 km) long. Due to the strong “Bura” wind, the island has very little vegetation but the numerous stone walls built by farmers and shepherds allow for some cultivation. In spite of this, Pag has a lot of charm.

As mentioned, the main resorts on the island are Pag Town and Novalja. Pag Town was built according to plans by the famous Croatian Renaissance builder, Juraj Dalmatinac. Novalja is the largest resort on the island, and is well-known as being the most party-orientated place throughout the whole of Croatia.

Getting to Pag – see the best and easiest ways of getting to the island.

Novalja – is situated on the island of Pag, a very attractive rock-beach island of Croatia. The town has been attracting more and more young tourists every year over the past decade, mainly because of its increasing growth of clubbing and festival offers. Novalja stands out due to the beauty and uniqueness of its beaches, its unspoilt landscapes, its entertainment and nightlife, the quality of its cultural and historical sites, the multitude of facilities for sports and recreation.

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Zrce Beach, the ultimate summer destination for all partygoers located on Island of pag in the northern part of the Croatia cost is often compared to Ibiza. It hosts one of the biggest festivals in Europe and people from all over the world comes to this magic island to experience the Croatian Ibiza in a lot cheaper way but still get to hear the biggest acts from the electronic music world. All apartments are located in Novalja city which is 3 kilometers away from Zrce Beach, so if you don’t feel like driving by yourself, you can take local shuttle bus with several bus stations across Novalja city which will take you right to the Zrce Beach.