Gifted with a magical touch for electronic music, MadAM is able to bring the atmosphere of all live stages to the highest peak.Their enthusiasm and mysterious style flows into their music and by using trendy songs mixing with their favourite Electro musics, at times, There’re mix in some slow-paced Hip Hop and the latest Trap or Twerk depending on the crowd’s responses, allowing the crowd to experience a whole new level of party spirit !Being live at her performances, gives you a real deal of their charm and sincere attitude towards music.MadAM is currently one of Taipei, Tainan & Taichung, most sought after female DJ for country based activities and major clubs.Their very first DJs appearance, for a recognized event, was for Katy Perry’s Party- and their normal routine tours around the country’s major clubs, such as Taipei Babe18, Tao-yuan Search, Taichung 18TC and Kaohsiung Barcode.With the liking of many top brands in the world, There has been the appointed DJ for many events such as- Marc By Marc Jacobs 2012 fashion event-Prime Blue-Benz Smart’s Christmas outdoor party

Alyshia&Mira.S passion and keenness for DJ and music brings them to a new level of professionalism, top DJs in the world start to recognize her effort and they (Current No.1 DJ Hardwell, No.52 Bingo Players) appointed her to perform for their opening acts.At the same time, she has also been the touring DJ for Malaysia’s Passion & Love and their brought Taiwan’s clubbing spirit to the Malaysian friends out there. And in Sept 2013, Hennessy Artistry (MY) appointed

Alyshia&Mira.S to be DJ for their Music & Fashion Party.Given her exposures, their was selected to endorse for famous headphone maker “SOUL by Ludacris” and also featured in a music video for their online and YouTube promotion.

Most recently in April 2014, MadAM was requested to be the DJ for the opening of No.36 DJ Kaskade and No.21 Nervo’s party in Taiwan.